SNL mocked Atlanta’s snow prep and we totally deserved it

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Image: NBC

A few flakes started falling on Tuesday night and my husband started channeling Buford Calloway, suggesting that with winter weather upon us, the safest place for us would be on the highway, in our Escalahhhhd. After we preemptively shot our neighbor, of course.

Yep, “Saturday Night Live” totally had our number back in 2014, when 2 inches of winter precipitation snarled highways and made metro Atlanta a national laughingstock.

UPDATE: What Atlanta’s weather forced Waffle House to do

Watch this puppy see snow for the first time

The jokes practically wrote themselves and by the time local resident “Buford Calloway” showed up on SNL’s Weekend Update with his mint julep-veranda accent dripping and delicate handkerchief fluttering, it was hard to find fault in the satire. Here’s the hilarious clip:

UPDATE: The latest school closings

Photos of today’s snowy conditions

Freezing temperatures and persistent ice have many area school systems announcing another day of cancelations. Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Natalie Dale spent much of the day urging motorists to stay off the road. “My advice is to take my advice,” she said during an interview with our reporting partners at WSB radio, and stay put.

Here’s a look at what happened when people decided to chance it:


After a 13-hour commute in 2014, when we stupidly tried to drive home and wound up among the thousands of area commuters who spent the night on 285 you can rest assured that we don’t go anywhere when winter weather hits.

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Stick with Channel 2 for the latest on weather updates, road conditions and more. And be sure you have the most recent version of the WSB app to make sure you’re constantly informed.

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