“Stranger Things” to stranger “Bachelorette:” Show biz types tweet about International Women’s Day

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Miss Piggy is just one of the celebrity types having her say on Twitter on International Women's Day

Thursday is International Women’s Day, an annual event that recognizes women’s achievements and challenges around the world.

And even out of this world, as this tweet from the women of “Dr. Who” makes clear:

In fact, show biz’s fingerprints are all over Twitter this International Women’s Day.

Some of the tweets celebrate a group of accomplished women en masse:


And some just show them celebrating en mess:

There are many fitting reminders of how all-powerful women have become on the big screen:

And how you ignore them at your own risk on the small, filmed in Atlanta, “Stranger” screen:

Not all the tweets are from women. Some are from their handsome, supportive sons and hubbies:

And some are from their dad (OK, Billy Ray’s a celebrity in his own right):

And while some celebrities’ tweets are intended to make you truly think:

Some will just leave you scratching your head:

That’s OK. As we’re constantly reminded, great women come in all shapes and sizes and . . . fabulous Muppet form:





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