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How Tyler Perry helped a young couple get engaged

7:59 am Sep. 25, 2017

Aaron O’Connell plays Wyatt on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” and has the best boss. Perry helped him propose to his girlfriend in the most elaborate surprise ever.

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Perry appears in a video O’Connell posted documenting the incredible day, buzzing with excitement.

Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo salute Atlanta eco super heroes

6:37 am Sep. 22, 2017

Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo, who have been in Atlanta for “Avengers” action lately, paused to honor real super heroes: those working to make Atlanta eco-friendlier during ATL100. The city-wide campaign highlights efforts to embrace renewable energy solutions.

“We can do amazing things. We have the technology to do it,” Ruffalo said during a kickoff at the Plaza Theatre this week. The wind is in our sails economically, and it just

Casting call: Kevin Hart’s movie needs fast-food diners

9:36 am Sep. 21, 2017

Kevin Hart’s new movie “Night School” is filming in Atlanta and casting folks need extras for a fast-food scene.

Kevin apparently plays a guy working behind the McCounter somewhere as the casting notice is looking for folks who will be his customers.

Applicants should be 22 to 50 years old. Other specifications: ”  Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Caucasians.” It films Sept. 27-29 and you need to be available all three

Why Lady Gaga won’t be touring again anytime soon

1:08 pm Sep. 18, 2017

Lady Gaga is taking time away to deal with mental and physical health issues, becoming the latest in a string of artists to decide to scrap performances for various reasons. Gaga says she looks forward to touring again when she is able to, and to discussing in greater detail the challenges she faces.

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2Chainz was

What Kevin Hart’s wife did after his apology video

7:23 am Sep. 18, 2017

Kevin Hart married Eniko Parrish in 2016 after becoming engaged at a private party in Atlanta while he was here filming “Ride Along.”

Kevin posted a slew of beautiful pictures celebrating the union and they are expecting a child.

Rumors of infidelity started cropping up a while back, and at first Kevin scoffed that it was just chatter – but then over the weekend he posted a video striking a somber, confessional

Kevin Hart apologizes to wife, kids following cheating rumors

11:39 pm Sep. 16, 2017

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, whose movie “Night School” is filming now in Atlanta, posted an Instagram video Saturday night during which he apologized to his wife and children for his “bad error in judgment.” He’s recently been the target of rumors suggesting romantic liaisons outside of his marriage, but has up to now called such talk “BS.”

In the video, however, Hart struck a somber and confessional tone.

“I’m at

Ryan Gosling movie films in Atlanta soon, needs extras

3:34 pm Sep. 16, 2017

PAST COVERAGE: That time Ryan Gosling stopped by the Buckhead Diner

When Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe partied at Dallas Austin’s groovy Atlanta estate

Filming starts in October and casting folks “will be doing invite only casting call to meet with director.” Their instructions: “please make your pictures are clear and in focus. You should be taking NEW updated photos for this project.”

Below are details on extras opportunities; use the