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Chipper Jones says writing about his troubled past was “therapeutic”

4:19 pm May. 5, 2017

Longtime Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones has lots of great memories to savor and reflects happily on them in his new memoir, “Ballplayer.”

But the switch-hitting powerhouse also had some grim chapters to relive when putting his 19-year career down on paper (with the help of his co-author, former AJC sportswriter Carroll Rogers Walton). Namely, the extramarital activities that ended his first marriage.

UPDATE: Dr. Karin Luise, Chipper’s first wife,

T.I. loves the Atlanta Braves’ new home at SunTrust Park

7:48 am Apr. 21, 2017

Atlanta actor and rapper T.I. gives the Atlanta Braves’ new home high marks.

He posted a fun photo of himself and eager fans enjoying a night at SunTrust Park. He even has his own customized jersey.

“Consider the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park officially open for business,” he posted the other day.

He’ll be back before long.

A few days after headlining the V-103 “Pop Up Live” concert at Philips Arena,

Will the I-85 bridge collapse affect Braves traffic near SunTrust Park?

7:14 am Mar. 31, 2017

The potential for major-league traffic tie-ups in the Atlanta Braves’ new neighborhood has long weighed on the minds of wary commuters and officials tasked with addressing it.

The county and the state of Georgia have spent tens of millions of dollars to improve roads and intersections around the new stadium. The Braves have delayed game times, dispersed parking lots, and deployed traffic apps to ease congestion.

Then on the