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Whistleblower sparks investigation into Georgia film tax credits

12:50 pm Apr. 25, 2018

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A published report citing a mountain of documents and inside sources alleges that Warner Bros. improperly claimed Georgia tax credits on equipment, worth more than $600,000, associated with the movie “Sully.” The studio giant says all necessary documentation was submitted and approved by the state two years ago, that they’ve had no subsequent inquiries and look forward to future work in Georgia.

The 2016 film, directed by Clint

Will Smith is having a hard time dealing with Georgia’s bugs

1:02 pm Feb. 28, 2018

Will Smith loves Georgia, but the state’s critters love him a little too much.

“Y’all gotta do something about the bugs,” he said in a video clip he filmed in the Savannah area, where his new movie “Gemini Man” is filming.

“Georgia is so gorgeous, it really is, it’s beautiful,” he said, demonstrating his fashionable insect-protection gear. “I’m just saying, y’all need to fix it.”

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What Tonya Harding thought of Georgia-filmed “I, Tonya”

7:49 am Feb. 26, 2018

Georgia-filmed “I, Tonya” has been scooping up awards ahead of the 2018 Oscars and could earn some more hardware Sunday night.

“The movie was fantastic. Everyone did such a great job,” the movie’s subject, Tonya Harding, said during a visit with Ellen DeGeneres. “Margot putting out so much effort to learn how to do the jumps and to learn my backwoods, hick girl kind of attitude.”

Golden Globe nominated actress Margot Robbie

Which city in Georgia is most into candy corn?

2:49 pm Oct. 30, 2017

Today is National Candy Corn Day, an inexplicable holiday that celebrates a barely edible treat, if you can call it that. Yet someone must be downing the colorful amalgamation of sugar, corn syrup, food coloring and other super nutritious ingredients: it’s the top selling Halloween candy, according to this study.

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How a retired cop’s three-legged dog adopted an orphaned baby llama.

2:35 pm Oct. 27, 2017

Lester Aradi wore a badge for 36 years. When he retired as chief of the Largo, Fla. police department in 2010, he and his wife, Diane, thought they might like to live in Tennessee or North Carolina, spending time with their kids and grandchildren.

“I want to ride my horse,” he told the Tampa Bay Times.

The Aradis and their horse, Haggis, ended up in north Georgia. Over the years they

Here’s where you can score some eclipse-watching glasses for free

11:21 am Aug. 17, 2017

You can’t find eclipse-watching glasses? The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System is here to help.

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The system, in partnership with the American Library Association (ALA) and STAR_Net has already given out 8,000 pairs of specs and will have a few more on hand Monday.

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Photos from Prince’s last concerts at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre

11:41 am Apr. 21, 2017

Prince died one year ago, just a week after he performed for the final time in public at the Fox Theatre.

Although fans were asked not to take photos, lots did. Dig if you will these pictures of the iconic performer’s final shows.

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Prince struggled with “being sick a lot” in his final months, his private chef said

Prince was rushed to the hospital