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A first look at Atlanta-filmed “Sully” with Tom Hanks

9:08 pm Jun. 29, 2016

Clint Eastwood directed and Tom Hanks stars in “Sully,” which tells the true story of heroic pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who landed a plane on the Hudson River after the aircraft experienced duress shortly after

Here’s your chance to own Zac Efron’s jockstrap

3:59 pm May. 31, 2016

Want a jock strap like the one Zac Efron wore in “Dirty Grandpa?” You’re in luck.

Zac and Robert DeNiro teamed up for the movie, which filmed in metro Atlanta and on Tybee Island. Released in January, it’s about a

Finally! A chance to meet Nicolas Cage

10:42 am May. 23, 2016

“We brought you some cookies,” said a cast member, who was not Nicolas Cage, while we were waiting to interview Nicolas Cage.

It was a Saturday and there we were at the Fulton County Courthouse. The

“Coat of Many Colors 2” to film in Atlanta

6:37 am May. 16, 2016

Dolly Parton’s autobiographically inspired “Coat of Many Colors,” which was set in Tennessee but filmed here in metro Atlanta, was a huge hit on the small screen.

Now comes word that “Coat of Many Colors 2”