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What covering the 2017 NRA convention was like

8:03 am Feb. 24, 2018

Last year’s National Rifle Association convention brought 80,000 people to downtown Atlanta, and on opening day I interviewed some of the nicest people I’d ever met.

Given the heated protests that preceded the April 2017 event at the Georgia World Congress Center and the “fake news media” narrative some have embraced, I thought covering it might be awkward. Nope. To a person, everyone I approached wasn’t just friendly.

Teen Vogue columnist: Billy Graham was “evil”

8:23 am Feb. 23, 2018

Tributes have poured in from around the world in the days since the Rev. Billy Graham died, but a Teen Vogue columnist has blasted the evangelist in a series of tweets, including one describing him as “evil.”

“The big news today is that Billy Graham was still alive this whole time,” Lauren Duca said in a tweet posted after Graham’s death at 99. “Anyway, have fun in

How Rev. Billy Graham fought for Civil Rights

4:04 pm Feb. 21, 2018

When the Rev. Billy Graham brought his large Crusade gatherings to the South in the 1950s, he was alarmed at what he saw: Ropes segregating white and black worshipers.

EARLIER: Evangelist Billy Graham is dead at 99 

“I was appalled at it and decided I had to speak out on it,” Graham says in a video discussing his work to advance Civil Rights. “I said, ‘No more of this.’

Marvel director owns and shoots guns, calls for reform

1:33 pm Feb. 15, 2018

Director James Gunn owns guns for safety and sporting purposes, but is among the many prominent voices demanding reform following Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school.

“I, like many Americans, enjoy guns for sporting purposes and feel safer having one in my home to protect myself and my family,” Gunn said in a Twitter thread. “But I also think there are a few things we can do to

“Confederate” television series appears to be shelved

6:47 am Feb. 7, 2018

HBO’s proposed new “Confederate” series might be history.

The backlash was swift at word the network was pondering plans to launch the drama from “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, set in some alternate universe where the South successfully secedes from the Union and slavery remains in place.

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“We have great respect for the dialogue and concern

Who gave the OK to use MLK’s voice in Super Bowl ad?

10:45 am Feb. 5, 2018

Amid the swift social media furor sparked by a pickup truck ad that used the voice of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change and its CEO, Rev. Bernice King, said in a social media message that neither the center nor King personally were the governing authorities who could have licensed the use.

Ram Trucks did indeed have permission to use the audio, though.