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Cobb students join Vice President Mike Pence at the National Day of Prayer

1:31 pm May. 4, 2017

Students from Mount Paran Christian School, a private school in Cobb County, joined Vice President Mike Pence for a moment of prayer during the official National Day of Prayer.

Pence posted these photos via his official, public Twitter account:

In an American tradition that stretches back to the 1950s, the first Thursday in May marks the annual National Day of Prayer.

NRA chief Wayne LaPierre: give the media a black eye

2:05 pm Apr. 28, 2017

While National Rifle Association members awaited President Donald Trump, members relived his victory and booed his adversaries – chief among them the mainstream media. CEO Wayne LaPierre’s welcoming remarks included a (presumably figurative) suggestion to give the media a black eye.

See below for a sample of his comments.

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NRA convention starts (how else?) with a bang

“It’s a

NRA convention starts with (what else?) a bang

3:58 pm Apr. 27, 2017

Shortly after Sidney, Ohio twins Blaine and Aaron Simpson, 11, arrived with their mom and grandfather for the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in downtown Atlanta they were firing pellets from air rifles at a variety of moving targets.

The boys eagerly chattered about what they were most looking forward to – checking out manufacturer displays, visiting with exhibitor friends they’ve met at past conventions – but were stumped when

The Confederate monuments New Orleans is taking down

7:30 am Apr. 24, 2017

New Orleans has begun removing Confederate monuments with private funds, after legal challenges over the move have been resolved.

The structures being removed include a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee that has towered over the city from atop

Photos from Prince’s last concerts at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre

11:41 am Apr. 21, 2017

Prince died one year ago, just a week after he performed for the final time in public at the Fox Theatre.

Although fans were asked not to take photos, lots did. Dig if you will these pictures of the iconic performer’s final shows.

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Video of Prince’s Atlanta concerts

Prince struggled with “being sick a lot” in his final months, his private chef said

Prince was rushed to the hospital

Even the dictionary is dragging United after harrowing passenger video

3:21 pm Apr. 11, 2017

The Internet’s had jokes since shortly after a video emerged showing a dazed and bloodied passenger being dragged screaming from a United flight.

Now even the dictionary’s joining in.

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Storms lead to hundreds of flight cancellations

United Airlines’ stock slips amid passenger video outrage

It’s hard to miss Merriam-Webster’s meaning in choosing to highlight the definition of “volunteer,” a word United used (in addition to