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Donald Trump at National Prayer Breakfast: “The hell with it”

7:10 pm Feb. 2, 2017

President Donald Trump’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast were characteristically off the cuff, and at one point – while praising remarks by Senate Chaplain Barry Black – he uttered the phrase, “The hell with it.”

Trump began his remarks with a bit of reflection and quickly segued into politics.

“Today we continue a tradition begun by President Eisenhower some 64 years ago,” he said. “This gathering is a testament to

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Oscar-nominated Iranian director condemns Trump’s travel ban, won’t attend awards ceremony

3:47 pm Jan. 29, 2017

Iranian director and screenwriter Asghar Farhadi, whose film “The Salesman” earned a Golden Globes nomination and is now up for an Academy Award, will not attend the awards ceremony and condemns President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending entry into the United States for refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority.

“To humiliate one nation with the pretext of guarding the security of another is not a new phenomenon in history

U. S. Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga) speaks with activists and attorneys outside the Customs and Border Protection office at Hartsfield Jackson International airport Saturday January 28, 2017 after at least 4 people were detained earlier today after an executive order from President Trump limited immigration into the United States. Kent D. Johnson/AJC

Lyft announces $1 million donation to ACLU following Trump’s travel ban

9:29 am Jan. 29, 2017

Lyft, the popular ride-hailing service, on Sunday morning announced it would contribute $1 million to the ACLU in the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at blocking refugees, Syrians and citizens from seven Muslim nations.

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11 detained at Hartsfield-Jackson after Trump’s executive order

Trump’s ban will keep Iranian Oscar-nominated filmmaker from ceremony

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AP photo: Markus Schreiber

Trump’s ban will keep Iranian Oscar-nominated filmmaker from ceremony

6:18 pm Jan. 28, 2017

Iranian director and screenwriter Asghar Farhadi, whose film “The Salesman” earned a Golden Globes nomination and is now up for an Academy Award, will not be able to attend the Oscars due to the executive order President Donald Trump signed on Friday.

Farhadi, whose previous film “A Separation” earned both a Golden Globe and Oscar for best foreign language film, was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in 2012. 

Here is Farhadi’s


Watch Janelle Monae’s speech at the Women’s March on Washington

8:04 am Jan. 23, 2017

Atlanta recording artist and actress Janelle Monae is among the celebrities who added their voice and star power to Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

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How Atlanta-filmed “Hidden Figures” took shape

Monae, appearing now in the Atlanta-filmed hit movie “Hidden Figures,” posted excerpts of her speech on Instagram.

“Continue to embrace the things that make you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable,” she said.

Here’s a

Rev. Jesse Jackson struck a hopeful chord after President Donald Trump's inauguration but says there is much work to be done to heal a divided nation. Photo and video: Jennifer Brett

Jesse Jackson: Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was “full of hope and inclusion”

8:50 am Jan. 21, 2017

WASHINGTON – Not long after President Donald Trump was sworn in, we happened to run into Rev. Jesse Jackson on the street. He gave a thumbs-up to Trump’s inauguration speech but said the new commander in chief has much work to do in order to unify a nation riven by a divisive campaign.

“The speech was full of hope and inclusion and he reached out to cities in a way they’ve

Protesters set this limo on fire. Photo: Jeff Ernsthausen

At the DC protests, a naked guy and a raging car fire

9:42 pm Jan. 20, 2017

WASHINGTON – Protesters took to the streets soon after President Donald Trump was inaugurated today, and law enforcement officers were quickly there as well. The scene was initially tense, with flash grenades going off and pepper spray

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Protesters pelt Biker for Trump with eggs along parade route 

11:58 am Jan. 20, 2017

WASHINGTON – The Bikers for Trump brigade came to the Inauguration pledging to form a “wall of meat” to aid police in maintaining order.

As protesters mobilized along the parade route, the wall of meat temporarily scrambled with an egg.

A biker who gave his name as Carl Z. was pelted after a dust up with protesters. The anti-Trump contingent is formidable, and protesters seem to outnumber supporters in many areas.

At one