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Falcons QB Matt Ryan, pro golfer Rickie Fowler in epic battle at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

9:49 am Nov. 20, 2017

What Georgia Dome?

With the dust clearing, literally, at the site of the Atlanta Falcons’ former home, quarterback Matt Ryan went toe-to-toe with pro golfer Rickie Fowler for dominance of team’s new digs, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

And by dominance we mean, who will prevail in a series of ridiculous “sports” events such as extreme golf cart racing, hit-the-button-to-open-the-roof and then what appears to be a freestyle game of tag.

Check out the hilarious video

Donald Trump blasts ESPN’s Jemele Hill

7:21 am Oct. 10, 2017

President Donald Trump took a break from criticizing politicians (including his fellow Republicans like outgoing Sen. Bob Corker) and ratcheting up tensions with North Korea to weigh in on Jemele Hill.

ESPN suspended her following her tweets suggesting fans boycott Dallas Cowboys advertisers as a way of registering their displeasure with team policies regarding players who kneel during the National Anthem.

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Why Shaquille O’Neal is installing home security systems in metro Atlanta

12:45 pm May. 6, 2017

Shaquille O’Neal is something of a Renaissance man, having made the transition from NBA star to analyst .. and comic actor, viral video star and even a one-time Lyft driver.

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John Daly, Master of the 19th hole

11:17 am Apr. 8, 2016

AUGUSTA – Scoring an interview with pro golfer John Daly during the 2016 Masters Tournament isn’t hard. “We’ve already scheduled some media..” his girlfriend/handler Anna Cladakis said, a bit hesitantly.

“I’m not a sports reporter,” I said, like that had any

“Andy Griffith’s advice to Cam Newton” goes viral

4:20 pm Feb. 10, 2016

Mayberry Sheriff Andy Taylor has some sage advice for Carolina Panthers quarterback

Looks like Gilbreath is having fun at the widespread delight his video has created.

“Thank you to EVERYONE,” he posted. “My video has gone on

When Cam Newton made a little kid’s day

9:12 am Feb. 5, 2016

Atlanta native and Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton plays on a national stage Sunday and is at ease in front of a huge audience. But the Westlake High School alum wasn’t too famous or too