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“Stranger Things” to stranger “Bachelorette:” Show biz types tweet about International Women’s Day

1:12 pm Mar. 8, 2018

Thursday is International Women’s Day, an annual event that recognizes women’s achievements and challenges around the world.

And even out of this world, as this tweet from the women of “Dr. Who” makes clear:

In fact, show biz’s fingerprints are all over Twitter this International Women’s Day.

Some of the tweets celebrate a group of accomplished women en masse:

And some just show them celebrating en mess:

There are many fitting reminders of how

President Donald Trump declined Alec Baldwin’s invitation. Sad!

7:33 am May. 4, 2017

Alec Baldwin has had quite the side hustle going portraying President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live.” Wouldn’t it be a kick to have both guys on stage together? Apparently the president didn’t think so.

“When I hosted SNL this season we asked him to come,” Baldwin said during a visit to the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “We invited him to come and were so hopeful he would come but he didn’t

A&E cancels KKK series

4:02 pm Dec. 24, 2016

Well, never mind.

First A&E planned an 8-part series called “Generation KKK.” The special, due to launch Jan. 8, was billed as an immersive look at the group – not in any way an endorsement.

Amid criticism and talk of boycott the network recast the series as “Escaping the KKK.”

Now the whole thing’s off, after it turned out some of the subjects to be featured received payment.

PAST: A&E series on the

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg get cookin’ soon on VH1

6:37 am Oct. 22, 2016

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are about to heat things up on VH1. The duo has a new cooking show launching Nov. 7 and are hyping the project in a series of cheeky video promos.

“I can’t wait to get Snoop in the kitchen,” Martha says in one.

Snoop muses on the pairing.

“How did me and Martha get together to do this show? A glass of wine, herbs, tea, atmosphere,” he says. “Martha?