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Tension flared between Atlanta rappers Migos and Joe Budden at BET Awards

11:36 am Jun. 26, 2017

Members of the Atlanta rap group Migos didn’t take kindly to an abrupt mic-drop end to an interview at Sunday’s BET Awards.

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Migoz’ new “Deadz” video was filmed at this Atlanta landmark

Actually things weren’t going that great even before Joe Budden up and bolted. He, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis were conducting what became a contentious line of questioning when Akademiks said

Why “Celebrate America” event was canceled

11:38 am Jun. 24, 2017

A “Celebrate America” planned for today at The Rock Ranch in Middle Georgia, a popular family destination, was shelved but not because of any sort of political division.

Instead the event got scotched by a foe we all can unite against: this infernal rain.

A video posted on the facility’s Facebook page said threats of severe weather guided the decision.

“We will reschedule the fireworks show sometime this year and will update once

Journalist sues over Atlanta-filmed Tupac Shakur biopic “All Eyez on Me”

2:58 pm Jun. 23, 2017

A journalist has filed suit against the producers, screenwriter, studio and others involved with “All Eyez on Me,” the Atlanta-filmed Tupac Shakur biopic released June 16.

Kevin Powell says in court documents that articles he wrote for Vibe were improperly appropriated for use in the movie. In the suit, filed in New York, the plaintiff says some of the material in the articles was factual was some was “changed or embellished.”

T.I. and Tiny spotted out together in Atlanta

11:28 am Jun. 20, 2017

T.I. and Tiny seem to have patched things up.

Clifford Harris Jr., as he’s known to the court, was served with divorce papers, TMZ reported in December, citing court documents posted by the He and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle have three children together.

Shortly thereafter, we interviewed T.I. during a holiday trip to Dismas, a halfway house where prisoners heading for freedom can serve the final portions of their sentences.

Bill Cosby thanks fans 

12:14 pm Jun. 16, 2017

Comic actor Bill Cosby is thankful for fans who have supported him as deliberations in his sexual assault trial slog on.

Jurors on Thursday said they were deadlocked but instructed to keep trying.

Meanwhile Cosby is posting his thanks:

After entering Day 4 of jury deliberations after a trial that lasted six, jurors on Thursday indicated they weren’t able to agree on a verdict. They were instructed to keep at it.

Cosby’s fate has

Did you know Jon Hamm was once a daycare teacher?

11:54 am Jun. 12, 2017

You probably know Jon Hamm as the dapper Don Draper of “Mad Men.” In recent years he played a globally savvy baseball scout in Atlanta-filmed “Million Dollar Arm” and a suburban spy in locally filmed “Keeping Up With the Joneses.”

Up next he’s part of a heist gang in “Baby Driver,” which also filmed here and is due out June 28.

One role you might not be as familiar with: daycare teacher.

Reality Winner is a mystery to many in her small hometown

2:09 pm Jun. 7, 2017

KINGSVILLE, Tex. – You’ve heard small towns described as “tight-knit.” Here’s what that looks like in the place Reality Winner, the 25-year-old at the center of a national firestorm amid allegations she leaked government secrets,

Taraji P. Henson movie “Best of Enemies” seeks an African American choir

6:58 am Jun. 7, 2017

The movie “Best of Enemies,” starring Taraji P. Henson, needs an African American choir for a scene filming later this month.

You’ll need to be available June 21-23 and 26-29. Everyone involved must be 18 or older. Casting folks would like to see photos of your group and a performance video, if you have one. Send that info plus your choir’s experience and a contact and number they can use to